Car Siding | Lumber Prices And Installation

Car siding is a board or shingle made out of various materials. It is used for a variety of purposes that include covering outside walls of homes or buildings or as a track for connecting railroads by switches to the main tracks. Car siding is also used for decorative purposes insides homes, cabins and resorts by prestige hotel owners. This siding gives a beautiful look to any sort of building whether it’s a house or a cabin or any other place.

Car siding is also defined by the type of groove or tongue it has on its board. Car sidings usually have a decorative ‘V’ shape on them that gives them a beautiful texture and feel. Car siding can be installed either vertically or horizontally. They are available in either 6” or 8” widths, and mostly in 12 feet lengths. Mostly when constructors intend on protecting the building from water they install the siding horizontally so that the tongue comes at the top. To add to the beauty of these sidings they are regularly painted and polished.

Car siding lumber gives an exotic look to buildings and houses. Most car siding lumber is made of pine or cedar wood types. This lumber is available in a whole range of different lengths and widths. It is mostly used in the interior of homes as it gives the house a natural rustic look. It is also affordable and helps in increasing the durability and value of a house.

A lot of people are beginning to use car siding as posts and fences around their homes. This gives the front garden a very artistic look. When constructors are using this type of siding on the outside walls of houses they install it horizontally as this helps avoid rotting of the wood. Therefore, it is also necessary when using this siding, even if you’re using it for the interior of your house, to stain or paint it. This will help increase the life of your siding.

When using car siding lumber as a ceiling for your house especially if it’s a vaulted ceiling then its best to start installing the siding from the bottom rather than from the top. Another attractive point of car siding is that it is lighter in weight than other types of sidings available in the market and also covers problems with underlying frames very well.

A possible negative point for using car siding lumber especially on the exterior of homes is that it comes in a limited range of wood colors and cannot be painted like fiber cement siding can. Therefore, people find it difficult to match this type of siding with the theme of their houses especially those people who prefer modernistic looking homes rather than country homes. Apart from this car siding can be quite expensive to put up on the whole walls of houses or ceilings. And with other equally good alternatives available in the market these days like the famous fiber cement car siding, more and more people are switching to this option as it is even cheaper and offers more in texture and color.

One more problem with car siding lumber is that it is quite susceptible to termites and water and is not combustible. Therefore it may not be a very durable option. on the other hand a lot of aluminum and vinyl sidings are also available that are quite good in withstanding extreme temperatures and water and termites as well.